When you think of a great leader, who comes to mind?

Take a moment to bring to mind someone that you view as a great leader.

Now, when you think about this person, what specifically makes you think they are a great leader?

Is it something to do with purpose, passion, or focus.

Maybe it has to do with their beliefs and values.

Perhaps you are inspired by their vision, admired their work ethic, or impressed with their results.

Before you move on, take a moment and identify the way that they made a positive impression on you.

Ripples In A Pond

I like to use the metaphor of ripples in a pond to explain great leaders.

Every action that we take is like dropping a stone into a calm body of water.

The ripples from the source of impact expand to encompass the entire pond.

My belief is that what makes great leaders great is that they influence us in positive ways.

When you bring to mind the positive trait that you noticed in your example of a great leader, there’s a good chance that the quality you noticed is something that you are looking to embody.

Just like the stone causing ripples in a pond, the behaviour of your example of great leadership made a positive impact.

This means that the measure of a great leader is not just their actions and behaviours, it’s how these qualities show up in their followers.

So the question is … what ripples are you sending out into the world with your actions and behaviours?

3 Qualities of Great Leaders

Here are the qualities that I strive for as a leader …

1) Clarity of purpose.

Great leaders have a sense of purpose.

Your purpose is the central motivation for your life, it’s the guiding principle behind every decision, goal, choice, and behaviour.

Purpose is what gives you energy, it’s the fuel that enables you to overcome obstacles and bounce back from failure.

It’s the reason you get up in the morning and what gives meaning to your life.

All great leaders have connected with their purpose … what’s yours?

If you haven’t yet discovered your purpose, then your purpose is to discover your purpose.

Use the great leaders one-page blueprint, inside The Great Leaders Guide, and connect with your purpose daily.

2) Service to others.

Great leaders serve their teams, clients, and communities.

Stuck leaders have built walls around themselves and use language like ‘us’ and ‘them.’

Great leaders have learned to lower their shields and open their hearts by mastering the skills of gratitude, empathy and compassion.

Stuck leaders have only one Leadership style and apply it in every situation.

Great leaders have multiple leaders styles and are able to adapt to any situation.

Are you interested in a little known leadership secret?

The secret to creating great strategy and extraordinary culture is found when you open yourself up and genuinely care about those that you serve.

3) Calmness of presence.

Great leaders are the calmest person in the room.

A strong leadership presence comes from a lifetime of expanding your comfort zone until it lasts the entire day.

It’s about being comfortable with who you are, congruent with the values that you hold, and having unwavering self-confidence in your propose.

Calmness of presence begins by identifying the moments of impact where you need to bring your best self.

A moment of impact are those situations where you are the most vulnerable, where you will face the most resistance, and you tend to be the most emotional.

Practice developing the skills of a great leader by being mindful during these high impact situations and watch your comfort zone expand.

Let’s Recap

There are 3 traits the make great leaders great.

First, clarity of purpose. If you have yet to figure out your purpose, then your purpose is to discover your purpose.

Second, connect with people. Lower your shields and open your hearts by mastering the skills of gratitude, empathy, and compassion.

Third, calmness of presence. Continue to expand your comfort zone one moment of impact at a time.

You’ve become a great leader when purpose, people, and presence are all moving in the same direction.

Let’s level-up our leadership!

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