There are two things that I love – great conversation and good coffee.

That’s why I’m really excited to announce a podcast that brings together both of these …

I love great conversation …

There’s nothing more satisfying than a great conversation.

You know … those authentic conversations that allow you to explore deep concepts, with close friends, that push at the boundaries of your thinking.

In this case, the topic is mindfulness, and the close friend it Thomas Grieger.

Thomas and I have known each other for several years, and every time we get together, we have amazing, deep, and thought-provoking conversations.

A few weeks ago, Thomas and I were having another of our mind-bending chats, and he commented… “Wouldn’t it be cool to record these conversations and turn them into a podcast.”

Well, that’s precisely what we did.

I love good coffee …

The other thing that I love is good coffee.

The smell of freshly ground coffee. The background noise of a comfortable coffee house. The taste of your favourite caffeinated beverage.

And when you bring these two things together, you get …

The Mindful Conversations Over Coffee Podcast

Join Thomas and I as we explore what it means to be a Mindful Leader in the real world.

What you can expect …

1) Great Conversation – Thomas and I are completely different. Thomas brings to the table a calming, people oriented, creative approach, while I lean toward a fast-paced, strategic, focused mindset. It’s these two different styles that bring out the best conversations.

2) Exploring Mindfulness – Specifically, Thomas are I are going to be walking our talk. Each episode we take on a new mindfulness challenge as we explore The 12 Measures of Mindful Leadership, in the real world.

3) Raw & Unscripted – Yup, we record each episode in a real coffee house. Enjoy the background noise, interruptions, missteps and all, as Thomas and I challenge ourselves to record each podcast – all in one take!

Listen to Podcast

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Tx … Ron 🙂

P.S. Every so often I will throw in a bonus episode. The first one is a short 2 minute guided meditation. Enjoy!

BONUS Episode

The Work/Life Balance Handbook

FREE DOWNLOAD: This 24-Page PDF Includes The 7 Key Areas of Focus, The Wheel of Life Self-Assessment Tool and Over 100+ Mindful Habits

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