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For Yourself

I’m interested in learning the skills of mindful leadership to achieve the next level.

For Your Organization

I’m interested in learning how to transform my corporate zombies into aspiring leaders.

Mindful Leadership for Individuals

Positive Influencer Community

Ideal for mindful leaders at any level who are starting their LEARN2LEAD journey.

Join this FREE learning forum where you can develop your foundational mindful leader skills with other like-minded people.

LEARN2LEAD Mentoring

Ideal for mindful leaders at any level who would like to accelerate their LEARN2LEAD journey.

This is my flagship premium membership group where we will take time to fully explore the nuances of the 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership.

LEARN2LEAD Mastermind

Ideal for aspiring leaders and trusted professionals who are looking for a personal mentorship program to help them create their leadership development strategy and accelerate their progress.

Mindful Leadership for Organizations


Ideal for managers and leaders looking to coach and mentor their corporate zombies into aspiring leaders.

Working one-on-one with you and group mentoring for your team, I will guide you and your tribe in the design and execution of your customized LEARN2LEAD tribal development strategy.

LEARN2LEAD Consulting

Ideal for leaders of any size organization looking to make the LEARN2LEAD mindful leadership development methodology part of your culture.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when you apply the principles of Mindful Leadership.

Reduce Stress

A regular mindfulness practice is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase self-awareness.

Lifestyle Design

Prioritize your professional and personal goals to achieve the right balance between work and life.

Expand Influence

Increase your skills of persuasion by creating win/win agreements – even with difficult people.

Meaningful Relationships

Join a like-minded community and leverage a strong network of exceptional leaders.

Personal Satisfaction

Apply the core principles of mindful leadership to increase your overall personal satisfaction with work and life.

Enhance Productivity

Apply the proven productivity secrets of the masters as you build your personalized trusted system for achieving results.

Mental Agility

Learn how to solve complex problems when you transition from a negative mindset to a possibility mindset.

Increase Confidence

Improve your recovery rate from emotional hijacks and experience an overall increase in self-confidence.

Positive Habits

Banish limiting beliefs and build positive habits that support you in the pursuit of your most important goals.

Purpose & Meaning

Enjoy the work you do by building a rewarding career that is aligned with your purpose.

Accelerate Learning

Take your career to the next level as you discover and develop your core strengths.

Measurable Results

Define the key measures required to take your performance to the next level.

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