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Regardless of how much you strategize or plan ahead, you are always at risk of being out of work.

Here are just a few examples …

  • Advancement in technology changes the market (i.e. RIM/BlackBerry, Blockbuster, or Kodak).
  • A significant player dominates the market and forces out the small guy (i.e. Walmart and the family-owned business).
  • A market crash forces a downsizing (i.e. government bailouts of the automotive industry, big banks and the housing bubble, technology companies and the dot-com bubble).

It doesn’t matter if your current boss loves the work that you do – if there’s a change in the market or a reorg at the top – your job is at risk!

However, hope is not lost.

If you lose your job due to a factor outside of your control, there is a way to guarantee that you will not be out of work for long.

What is this secret to job security for life?

Become a great leader!

Leadership Is A Universal Skill

Good companies are always looking for great leaders.

We all know that great leaders increase employee engagement – which reduces turnover, increases overall productivity, and results in higher profitability.

This makes people with exceptional leadership skills extremely valuable!

Leadership Is A Learnable

Great leaders know that leadership is a skill that can be developed.

Actually, there are 7 Skills of Great Leaders …

  1. Lead Yourself
  2. Achieve Results
  3. Optimize Systems
  4. Walk Your Talk
  5. Nurture Relationships
  6. Manage Up
  7. Coach Your Team

By learning these 7 skills, you to can become a great leader.

I will be sharing more about these 7 skills in upcoming posts – so stay tuned!.

The Secret to Job Security For Life

Markets change, companies reorganize, jobs become obsolete, but leadership is a skill that is with you forever.

The secret to job security for life – Level Up Your Leadership.

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