We all have an inner navigator.

Our inner navigator is the part of us the moves us forward, executes our wishes, and keeps us safe.

When we properly feed our inner navigator, we can make the changes and complete the tasks required to achieve our goals.

If you’re feeling stuck, struggling to achieve goals, or making change happen, you’ve been neglecting your inner navigator.

Negative Influences

Since the moment of your existence, you’ve been priming your inner navigator.

Every unchecked internal thought, poor quality question, or negative external influence sets an unconscious direction for our lives.

Negative thoughts or statements like “I’m so stupid” or “I can never remember people names” form a belief of what we can or cannot do.

Poorly worded questions like “why can’t I do this?” or “why do bad things always happen to me?” directs our unconscious to come up with hundreds of reasons why this is true.

And external influences from others (i.e. parents or peers) either builds-up our identity or plays havoc on our self-confidence.

Each of these situations primes our inner navigator and forms our identity from the outside in.

A Postive Mindset

The good news is that change is possible when we use conscious intention to rebuild or modify our internal matrix from the inside out by developing a positive mindset.

When we …

… Pay attention to the number of positive and negative thoughts. The ideal ratio is 3 to 1 (that’s three positive thoughts for every negative.)

… Ask better questions like “can I do this?” and our brain responds with a resounding “YES I CAN!”

… Reframe the narrative or story triggered by external influences by looking for the positive in every situation.

Developing a positive mindset is just an example of the deep inner work required to walk the path of a Mindful Leader.

Make Change Happen

If you’re feeling stuck, struggling to achieve goals, or making change happen, perhaps you’ve neglected your inner navigator.

You can start by setting a positive intention each morning. And then, at the end of each day, reflect on the actual events of the day.

Make a note of any synergies or disconnects between your conscious intentions and unconscious motivations.

Learn to quiet the inner critic by monitoring the quality of your thoughts and develop a positive mindset.

The 30 Day Habit Plan

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