In this article series, we’ve shared a lot of goal setting secrets when is comes to goal setting and achievement with The ULTIMATE Goal Setting Checklist.

Starting at the ground roots of getting things done with the NOW, DAILY, and WEEKLY checklists.

Then moving to the heavy lifting of productivity with the PROJECTS and HABITS checklists.

We even covered the mental aspect of goal setting with the MINDSET checklist.

All of this leading up to the LEGACY checklist, where we connected with purpose.

The ULTIMATE Productivity Secret

While goal setting and achievement can seem easy when listed in a checklist, it can become quite tricky when putting into practice.

The ULTIMATE Productivity Secret is to embrace continual improvement.

Tony Robbins calls it CANI: constant and never-ending improvement.

I like to call it Kaizen, which in Japanese means “change for better” and is a term that has been embraced by many Western business leaders as a practice of continual improvement.

You need to embrace the idea that as long as you are learning, you are making progress. And the moment you stop improving, level out and think you know it all, you will never make progress.

Tiny Steps

Don’t make the mistake of saving this email thinking that you will come back to it later.

Anytime I discover an area that I want to improve; I’ve made it a habit of taking a tiny action, no matter how small, to implement the lesson into my life.

I suggest you do the same …

1) Choose one item from any of the checklists that you know needs improvement.

2) Set an intention to improve in this area.

3) Before you close this email, take action, no matter how small, to grow in this area.

Save These Links

For future reference, here are the links to each of the checklists:

Your Productivity Challenge … Refer to Checklist …
I feel anxious and stressed all the time. NOW CHECKLIST
I never seem to get anything done. DAILY CHECKLIST
I can’t find time for myself. WEEKLY CHECKLIST
I’ve lost my passion for my work. PROJECTS CHECKLIST
I can’t seem to break through to the next level. HABITS CHECKLIST
I don’t know what I want. LEGACY CHECKLIST

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