What’s missing in the world are positive examples of great leadership

For my entire life, I’ve struggled to find positive role models.

My father left us when I was seven years old.

My step-father was verbally abusive.

And I’ve continually been disappointed with the quality of leaders and role models that have crossed my path.

The reason for this is that most people find themselves in influential roles as parents, coaches, and managers without the appropriate coaching and mentoring and are usually left to figure it all out on their own.

The amazing thing is that leadership is a skill that can be developed. People aren’t born vegetarians; it’s a lifestyle choice. The same is true for leadership.

That’s why I’ve started The Great Leaders Mastermind Group.

The Great Leaders Mastermind Group is for people that are dissatisfied with the lack of leadership training they are receiving from their organizations.

We’re going to adopt leadership as a lifestyle choice and work on things like purpose, confidence, mindfulness, habits, and influence.

This is the mentoring program that I wish I have when I first started my career.

We’re going to be creating a community where new managers, business leaders, and change agents can come together to bring out the best in each other.

Because the ultimate measure of leadership is the number of people you develop into great leaders.

My Mission

What’s missing in the world are positive examples of great leadership. My mission is to help one million people develop the confidence to become great leaders to their families, teams, and organizations.

To fulfill my mission, I’m striving to become a … strategic mindful influencer:


I believe that strategy and strategic thinking are my strengths and chosen path of mastery.


I believe that the ultimate goal of mindfulness is to align the mind/body/heart to fulfil my purpose.


I believe that the ultimate measure of leadership is the number of people that you’ve coached and mentored that go on to become great leaders (ripples in a pond).

I do this by …

  • Being an example of mindful leadership for others to follow.
  • Helping others craft and execute their one-page strategy to achieve mastery and build confidence.
  • Leading a community of like-minded individuals that are interested in developing the skills of great leaders.
Ron Vereggen

Ron Vereggen

Mindful Leadership Coach
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