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My name is Ron Vereggen and I’m a mindful leadership coach.

I help people like you 10X your influence by applying the power of mindfulness.

I do this by guiding you through an effective personal and professional development strategy that I’ve created that brings together the best tools and tactics from both mindfulness and leadership.

When applying this strategy, you can expect an increase in your mental agility, self-confidence, productivity and overall ability to communicate and influence, all while keeping stress and anxiety in check.

These are the top skills the best companies are looking for, and they make you extremely valuable in the marketplace, which directly translates into more significant opportunities for professional growth and higher earnings.

The benefits also trickle into your personal life by giving you a greater sense of control as you design a lifestyle filled with purpose, meaning, and increased levels of personal satisfaction.

I’ve been applying and refining this strategy over my entire 30+-year career, and I continue to use it daily as I help coach and mentor others to walk the path of a mindful leader.

I’m incredibly passionate about personal growth, and I’ve made it my mission to rid the workplace of corporate zombies. (I was going to go with the title of Corporate Zombie Slayer but thought that was a bit much!).

That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to join a passionate group of leaders where we regularly discuss the core building blocks of mindful leadership.

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… Ron 🙂

Ron Vereggen

Ron Vereggen

Mindful Leadership Coach
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