It’s finally done!

Over the past seven weeks, investing about 240 hours, writing over 26,000 words, I’ve put together the ultimate collection of leadership habits.

And I’ve posted them all on this website.

This is my most ambitious project to date, and I hope you will find it super useful.

Follow this link to read all 120 essential leadership habits for new managers, team leaders, and change agents to lead with confidence.

The 100+ Habits of Great Leaders

To help keep things organized, I’ve grouped the habits into The 7 Skills of Great Leaders …

Skill 01 – Lead Yourself

Great Leadership begins with leading yourself. The habits in this area are about mastering the fundamentals that will enable you to perform at your best.

Skill 02 – Achieve Results

Great Leaders are able to achieve results. The habits in this area are all about determining priorities, setting goals, completing projects, and managing your time.

Skill 03 – Optimize Systems

Great Leaders are able to optimize how the work gets done. The habits in this area are about systems, processes, and rituals.

Skill 04 – Walk Your Talk

Great Leaders walk their talk. The habits in this area about becoming aware of your purpose, vision, and values.

Skill 05 – Nurture Relationships

Great Leaders nurture relationships. The habits in this area include trust, empathy, compassion and influence.

Skill 06 – Manage Up

Great Leaders manage up. The habits in this area are about managing the relationship with your boss.

Skill 07 – Coach Your Team

Great Leaders are great coaches. The habits in this area are about growing and developing others into great leaders.

The Entire List

There’s also an index where you can browse the entire list and search for specific habits.

Something Missing?

And while this is an extensive list, I’m sure there are a few habits that I’ve missed.

If you have something to add, make sure to submit your suggestion for a great leadership habit, and I’ll mention your contribution in future updates.

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